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Naxos at a glance :

Getting There :

More than adequate connections between Naxos and the other islands and Mainland Greece (Piraeus).

Journey from Piraeus will take 5.5 hours by ferry,while Catamaran will take 4 hours.

There are 2-3 flights a day with Olympic & Aegean Airways from Athens airport (40 minutes). 

Getting Around :

There is a very good bus service in Naxos.Cars,bikes and bicycles are available for hire.Taxis are also available. 

Links from Naxos to other Greek islands :
Few times a week: Sikinos, Folegandros & Crete. Santorini (Thera) 4-7 daily, Paros, Ios 3-5 daily,Mykonos 2-3 daily,Tinos 4 a week,Amorgos, Koufonissia 1-2 daily, Donousa 5-6 times a week, Syros 5 times a week.

Cruises - Day trips :

There are also cruises to the islands and around Naxos.Please check at local travel agencies for details or reservations.

Entertainment & Nightlife :

Varied and lively. Bars,discos,cafe shops,traditional "Kafeneio" with ouzo and charcoal grilled octopus, will satisfy all tastes. 
Cine Naxos - an open air cinema will entertain you with a good selection of films (in English with Greek subtitles).

Beaches :
Agia Anna - Fine, golden sandy beach.
Agios Georgios - Fine gold sand - in Hora (town).
Agios Prokopios - Fine gold rise sand (most popular beach).
Agiassos - Long bay with golden sand.
Apollon - Wide pebble beach, plus a small sandy bay in the village.
Panormos- Beautiful sandy beach.

Lionas-Pebble beach bay.
Mikri Vigla - Fine white sand, very long.
Moutsouna - Beautiful, fine sand coves.

Orkos & Parthena beach (2 bays) with rise sand, just next to Plaka
Plaka - Fine golden sandy beach, the longest in Naxos - 7 kilometers long.

Pyrgaki-Glyfada-Alyko-Kastraki : fine golden sandy beaches.

Excursions and beaches :

The best golden beaches are in the south west part of Naxos island.

The south west coast is almost one long sandy beach.


The northern part of the island is green verdant and mountainous.


The central part of the island around Chalki village is planted with olive groves.


In Naxos Town the "Portara" ruins of Apollo's ancient temple,the ancient Kouros statues in Melanes and Apollon

(the largest in Greece 7century BC),the Venetian castle in Naxos Town,small white chapels and churches,monasteries,are all an experience not to be missed.

There are about 500 churches and plenty of Medievaland Venetian castles to visit.

In Kalamitsia (in the area of Melanes) is the tower resort of the Jesuit monks (built at the end of the 17th century).

At Danakos is the 12th century Monastery of Photodotis Christ which it was built by Empress Irene.

In Moni, the church of Panagia (Our Lady) Drosiani with beautiful fresco of Panagia Nikopios. 


Useful information about Naxos:

Population: 20,000 
Distance from Piraeus: 104 NM
Health Center: 22850 23333, 23676
Radio Taxi: 22850 22444, 24331
Bus Station: 22850 22291
Tourist Office: 22850 22717
Olympic Airways: 22850 23830
Port Police: 22850 22300 
Police: 22850 22100, 23280
Naxos Airport (JNX): 22850 23292

Useful travel links:

 online ferry schedules and tickets:


Staying at the Naxos villas Aigli we will make you feel like a Naxian..

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